Marketing a Film

Just like any other product, an independent film needs marketing and a publicist to help spread the word as to what festival the film is at and what artists were involved in bringing the screenplay to life. Once at film festivals, a film’s PR team organizes meetings and meetups with other industry professionals to potentially get the filmmakers jobs on upcoming independent film projects or to get the film that is appearing at the festival a distribution deal.

Film Festivals 411: Why Did My Film Not Get In?

“Everyone thinks my film is great! You guys don’t know what is really good.” “I’ve seen the films you program and mine is so much better.” “My film won awards at four other festivals! I don’t understand why you didn’t pick it up.” I receive these complaints (and worse) daily from...

Balls of Steel: Below Zero Hits Austin

Writer’s block. We have all suffered from it. But to cure hers, writer and producer Signe Olynyk didn’t go for a run, take a long walk in the woods, or declare a writing sprint on Twitter. She locked herself in a remote slaughterhouse for five days and wrote a script.

BALLS OF STEEL: The Passion of a Huston

If you have the name “Huston," any door in the film industry will fly open… or will it? We're sure you’ve heard the myth a million times: It’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Pull up a bar stool while Jeanne Veillette Bowerman blasts that myth out of the...