Pre-Production Overview

You’ve written a script and now decide to make an independent film. Even if your script is sold to a studio, it’s important to understand the pre-production process. The steps of pre-production can be daunting, but the more prepared you are before you start filming your movie, the easier the production schedule will be. Your cast and crew depend on the producers ability to create a great work environment for them to create the art that is your film. Learn the ins and outs of pre-production to aide in the collaborative process.

Short Circuit: Talent – Tall Order for a Short Film

A buddy of mine, journalist and screenwriter Jeremy Burgess, recently co-wrote his first short film for production, Dead Saturday. He already had a director involved, they’d scouted out shooting locations, and they were looking to yell, “Action!” as soon as possible. Of course, there were some things they still needed… Like a lead actor… Generally, this...