Scheduling & Budgeting for Films

Movies live and die by their budgets. Once a screenplay is brought into development, whether it gets greenlit or not is all about money. Every line written into a script affects the cost of the film: locations, wardrobe, cast size, extras, set design, etc. Determining a film’s budget starts with the words on the page. Budget cuts start there. After the script is tight, then scheduling and budgeting software helps a producer determine the final film budget.

Writers on the Web: Crowdfunding Advice from Award-Winning Filmmaker and founder of POTA, Cindy Baer

Befuddled by financing? Confounded by crowdfunding? Perplexed by… okay, I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to interview Cindy Baer, a critically-acclaimed filmmaker and co-founder of Patron of the Arts (POTA), a non-profit organization that believes that art and film are vital parts of a healthy community, and offers...