Scheduling & Budgeting for Films

Movies live and die by their budgets. Once a screenplay is brought into development, whether it gets greenlit or not is all about money. Every line written into a script affects the cost of the film: locations, wardrobe, cast size, extras, set design, etc. Determining a film’s budget starts with the words on the page. Budget cuts start there. After the script is tight, then scheduling and budgeting software helps a producer determine the final film budget.

Screenwriting Product Review: Chimpanzee Software Review

This review really should be titled “What I Just Learned About Scheduling and Budgeting My Film.” I say this because I’ve been involved in several no-budget films as an actor, camera man, assistant director, lighting guy… well you get the idea. If you make your own independent films you almost always...

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Behind the Lines with DR: The Cost of Location

A few nights back I was having dinner with some new friends when I was reminded of this story. I was describing a conversation I’d had with director Florent Siri during pre-production on Hostage. Most of the movie takes place in and around a very special mountaintop house I’d invented for the movie....