Screenwriter Interviews

Screenwriter Interviews are usually one on one interviews where the interviewer asks the screenwriter about the subject of screenwriting. The best screenwriter interviews contain information but are not limited to both writing and selling a spec screenplay. Other topics include obtaining representation, work for hire, collaboration, experience on past projects as well as working on future projects. Screenwriter interviews are one of the best ways for screenwriters looking to break into the business to learn how to navigate the industry based on the experience of a screenwriter who’s already on the inside.

Michael Hirst, writer/producer of 'Vikings' on the History Channel.

‘Vikings’ Michael Hirst On Writing a TV Series Solo, the Critics and Historical Accuracy

Michael Hirst is one of those rare breed of screenwriters that found their niche early and stuck with it. The British screenwriter, known mostly to American audiences for his critically acclaimed drama, Elizabeth (starring Cate Blanchett), had strictly been a features writer specializing in historical dramas until opportunity knocked when he was approached by Showtime...


TV Writer Podcast 84 – Francis Tapon (Unseen Africa)

Author, Harvard MBA grad and world-renowned backpacker Francis Tapon is on a 4-year journey to all 54 African countries. How can he turn this into a 4-season TV series? By going a non-traditional route, of course! Click image to play video; more details are below. The TV landscape continues to divide into thousands of...