TV Writer Podcast 075 – Former Development Exec Scott Manville TV Writers Vault

This week we meet Scott Manville… an entrepreneur who used his experience as the former Head of TV Development for Merv Griffin Entertainment, to create the unique Television Writers Vault, a resource that connects writers with top producers and network executives.

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With 15 years of professional experience in TV program development, Scott Manville is the Founder and President of the Television Writers Vault (, an online marketplace used by top producers and network executives sourcing new show concepts and stories for TV.

As the former Head of TV Development for Merv Griffin Entertainment, his hands-on experience within that development and pitching process inspired this groundbreaking service for the protection and promotion of new concepts and formats being pitched to Industry buyers.

Back in his days of development, Scott worked on writing pitches and formats that were produced as “Click” (game show, which was Ryan Seacrest’s first TV hosting gig), “Men Are From Mars,” “Good Samaritan,” and other in-house projects for Griffin.

The Television Writers Vault is the first industry website to bring new TV show “ideas” from everyday people outside the industry, to production and global broadcast on major networks, such as A&E, Discovery Channel, SyFy, OLN, and other international outlets. Scott is also a professional pitch writer, offering services for writers and creators developing reality-based concepts for television.

Scott also created and… Check them out!

For more info and great resources, visit and

Twitter: @tvwritersvault or @ScottManville

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