Screenwriter Profiles

Script Magazine’s screenwriter profiles includes a brief résumé of a screenwriter’s experience and achievements and cover the history and background of the screenwriter in question along with any produced screenplays. Other notable achievements like authoring a book, rewrites, or working as a consultant are normally part of the screenwriter’s profile as well.

william morris

Script Gods Must Die: William Morris Memories

Long elephant years ago, I was with the William Morris agency. Back then the air was clean, the economy robust, and the logo at William Morris looked like this: Then came the ’08 economic implosion and the ’09 merger of William Morris and Endeavor. Endeavor, of course, famous for the agent Ari Emanuel, portrayed...

life itself

Back to the Chalkboard: Empathy and LIFE ITSELF

In a recent text exchange with a screenwriter friend of mine, I lamented, “Life is Sooooo F*#king Hard!” Without getting into the details of my travails, I can tell you I don’t have Ebola virus and I am not homeless and starving. I understand that on the spinning roulette wheel of life, I’m very,...


Behind the Lines with DR: Shallow Thinking

Doug Richardson’s first produced feature was the sequel to Die Hard, Die Harder. Visit Doug’s site for more Hollywood war stories and information on his popular novels. I’ve just moved. After twenty years in Casa de Die Hard, the War Department and I decided the time was ripe to shuffle the deck, setting up...


Behind the Lines with DR: Only in L.A.

Much of working in showbiz is about living and existing in showbiz. Or amongst it without allowing its corrupting essence to sink beyond one’s initial layer of skin. And believe me when I say there’s no SPF rated lotion that can fully defend anybody from the blitzkrieg of Hollywood’s lights. Now, despite having been...

the movie of your life

Script Gods Must Die: Directing the Movie Of Your Life

Those who read my posts at Script Mag and my blog at Script Gods Must Die know the story of Jane Doe, which was a movie adaptation of a 1985 play I wrote about my heroin-addicted girlfriend, Claire G. It was a story centering on the devastating effects of addiction from the POV of...