Screenwriter Profiles

Script Magazine’s screenwriter profiles includes a brief résumé of a screenwriter’s experience and achievements and cover the history and background of the screenwriter in question along with any produced screenplays. Other notable achievements like authoring a book, rewrites, or working as a consultant are normally part of the screenwriter’s profile as well.

the movie of your life

Script Gods Must Die: Directing the Movie Of Your Life

Those who read my posts at Script Mag and my blog at Script Gods Must Die know the story of Jane Doe, which was a movie adaptation of a 1985 play I wrote about my heroin-addicted girlfriend, Claire G. It was a story centering on the devastating effects of addiction from the POV of...

Screenwriter as Handyman

Behind the Lines with DR: What Does a Screenwriter Write?

There’s an old Hollywood story I’d heard about Earnest Lehman, famed screenwriter of The Sound of Music. He was asked what exactly it was that a screenwriter wrote. I’m obviously paraphrasing here: “Have you seen my movie?” Lehman asked. “The Sound of Music? Why yes?” “Did you see the opening? Where Julie Andrews appears...

Adaptation- Never Come Morning

Script Gods Must Die: Adaptation, Never Come Morning

Some time ago I worked on a project, Never Come Morning, Nelson Algren’s second novel about Polish youths gangs in 1940’s Chicago. Some history: I adapted the book into a play. This had a five-month run with Prop Theater, Chicago. It won awards. Never Come Morning was the complete package. World—story—characters, all were intact....

mno banner

Filmmakers The Erwin Brothers Schedule a Moms’ Night Out

When a harried mother sets up a quiet night out with just her girlfriends, she doesn’t plan on a stolen car, a lost baby, and a biker gang making her night complete. Directed by The Erwin Brothers, Moms Night Out from TriStar Pictures opens May 9. Starring Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Sarah...

film school

Behind the Lines with DR: Film School

I’d utterly failed at my first attempt at getting in to the famed USC film school. Upon reflection, it was a horrible application—all kiss ass, full of ignorant naiveté, and grossly immature. Had I been in charge of admittance, I sure as hell wouldn’t have accepted me. Foolishly, though, the university later accepted me...