Script Magazine Archives

Script Magazine launched in 1995, and the past issues are archived on Enjoy a variety of classic articles ranging from screenwriter interviews, Writers on Writing, and career advice from veteran industry insiders. Good storytelling is timeless. Read the past Script Magazine archives for advice on a screenwriting career and the craft of writing a box-office hit.

Structure and Breaking In: An Interview with Syd Field

From the digital archives of ‘Script Magazine,’ we bring you a past interview of Syd Field.  Screenwriting “Guru” Syd Field sits down with Script Magazine to share his knowledge on story structure and discuss the difficult task of breaking in the industry. Ask screenwriters what the fundamental structure of a feature screenplay is and they’re...

Craft: How To Write To Attract A Movie Star

Chances are, if you want to sell your screenplay to a major film producer, you’re going to have to write the kind of role that a movie star is dying to play. I accomplished this feat almost by accident when I chose Napoleon Bonaparte as the hero for my film project, Betsy and the...

What’s New in the Nov/Dec 2011 Issue of Script

Margin Call's J.C. Chandor, From Script to Screen: The Rum Diary, Writers on Writing: J. Edgar, Final Draft, Inc. Hall of Famer Steven Zaillian, Terence Winter's Boardwalk Empire, Pacing Your Script, Talking to Hollywood, Secrets of Action Screenwriting, and Much More!

What’s New in the Sept/Oct 2011 Issue of Script

Emilio Estevez's The Way, Sean Durkin's Martha Marcy May Marlene, Guillermo del Toro and Matthew Robbins' Don't Be Afraid of the Dark adaptation, and Will Reiser's 50/50 are all featured in the September/October issue of Script. Plus, John Buchanan on why concept is king, John Truby on the craft of TV writing, and William...

What’s New in the July/August Issue of Script

Captain America: The First Avenger By Aaron Ginsburg When screenwriting duo Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely heard that Marvel Studios was rebooting America’s most iconic superhero, they chased the job … and got it. But re–imagining Captain America proved a daunting task, with over 70 years of material on the Man Behind the Shield....

SCRIPT on SCRIPT: Sept./Oct. 2010

William Martell’s article “Blockbuster Brilliance!” from the September/October edition of Script, perfectly outlines my final, winning rebuttal to an argument I’ve been having with a writer friend mine who thinks Avatar shouldn’t be on my 2009 top ten list. (After all, we’re screenwriters, not just “average moviegoers.”)