Script Writing Multimedia

Multimedia for Screenwriters includes comic books, transmedia, graphic novels, and web series. Because of the world wide web, a screenwriter now has other outlets in which to write and promote their material. With a slightly different tweak to both format and structure, screenwriters can now write screenplays for multimedia outlets. Screenwriters now have the ability to write a screenplay and place it online in a myriad of different formats.


Selling Your Screenplay Podcast: Screenwriter T.A. Snyder on How Winning The Fellowship Got Him A Manager

In this episode I talk with recent fellowship winner, T.A. Snyder. T.A. talks about his experience winning the fellowship and how that has propelled his career forward and helped him get a manager. You can listen to the audio portion of the podcast by clicking here or subscribe in iTunes by clicking here....


Selling Your Screenplay Podcast: Writer / Director Jeremy Culver Talks About His New Feature Film, An Evergreen Christmas

In this week’s episode I talk to writer / director Jeremy Culver about his new independent feature film, An Evergreen Christmas. You can listen to the audio portion of the podcast by clicking here: Download podcast audio or subscribe in iTunes by clicking here. You can also read a transcript of this episode. Links...

breaking into hollywood

Writers on the Web: Veteran Producer/Literary Manager Gary W. Goldstein on Breaking Into Hollywood (Part Two)

Rebecca Norris is a writer, producer, web enthusiast, and creator of the award-winning web series Split with her production company, Freebird Entertainment.  She’s teaching an upcoming Writers Store webinar on Writing The Web Series on 11/17. Follow Rebecca on Twitter at @beckaroohoo.  Welcome to Part Two of my interview with veteran producer/literary manager Gary...