Script Writing Multimedia

Multimedia for Screenwriters includes comic books, transmedia, graphic novels, and web series. Because of the world wide web, a screenwriter now has other outlets in which to write and promote their material. With a slightly different tweak to both format and structure, screenwriters can now write screenplays for multimedia outlets. Screenwriters now have the ability to write a screenplay and place it online in a myriad of different formats.


A Writer’s Voice: How “Amazing” is ‘Spiderman 2’?

In this installment of A Writer’s Voice, I’ll be discussing The Amazing Spiderman 2 and action movie writing in general with George Strayton. George teaches our Action Movie Writing class here at Jacob Krueger Studio and has a tremendous background in the action movie world. He’s worked with Sam Raimi, he’s worked with Bob...


TV Writer Podcast 84 – Francis Tapon (Unseen Africa)

Author, Harvard MBA grad and world-renowned backpacker Francis Tapon is on a 4-year journey to all 54 African countries. How can he turn this into a 4-season TV series? By going a non-traditional route, of course! Click image to play video; more details are below. The TV landscape continues to divide into thousands of...