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Multimedia for Screenwriters includes comic books, transmedia, graphic novels, and web series. Because of the world wide web, a screenwriter now has other outlets in which to write and promote their material. With a slightly different tweak to both format and structure, screenwriters can now write screenplays for multimedia outlets. Screenwriters now have the ability to write a screenplay and place it online in a myriad of different formats.


Fragments #5: Shaken and Stirred – Continuity and 007

When Henry Jenkins, author of Convergence Culture, interviewed me last year, we discussed the notion of serialization and how it was the unsung hero of comics; I called the “elasticity” of character, the ability of a character to transcend genre, era and creative team over the course of 12 issues a year for x number...

TV Writer Podcast 083 - Hilary Winston

TV Writer Podcast 083: Hilary Winston (Bad Teacher)

Hilary Winston is the creator and showrunner of Bad Teacher, which premieres April 24 at 9:30 pm on CBS! Gray Jones caught up with her a few days before the premiere. Click image to play video; more details are below. In the interview, Hilary has great tips on career development and networking, as well...


TV Writer Podcast: Lisa Alden – Intro to Power of the Pitch

Informative introduction to Lisa Alden’s “Power of the Pitch” workshops – learn how to pitch a script for an original TV pilot from somebody who has sold every one in the room! Even if you plan on writing it on spec, learning how to pitch it will exponentially develop your project and save you...


Fragments #4 – Continuity & The Universal Monsters, Part Two

Last month, we focused on the “legacy” sequels to Universal’s smash 1931 films, Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi and Frankenstein, starring Boris Karloff. Before we dig into the next era of the Universal sequels, the crossover and shared universe, we have to discuss the final “done in one” component of Universal’s monster-menagerie, 1941’s The Wolf...

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Zac Atkinson

Short Circuit: Writing Jobs – Making Short Work of Animated Television

Mention short screenplays and many writers think “festival material.” Mention animation, they think “Pixar features.” But put them together – you get Animated Television. It’s a huge market. In 2013 alone, one hundred and eleven new animated series premiered across the globe. (Artist: Robert Atkins) I’ve been a fan of Zac Atkinson since I first...