Screenwriting Podcasts

Screenwriting Podcasts are a type of a digital recording made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, mobile device, or computer. Screenwriting podcasts usually consist of one or most hosts who discuss the current state of screenwriting, interview screenwriters, screenwriting book authors, or screenwriting consultants. Sometimes however, screenwriting podcasts broadcast interviews with other industry professionals like producers to get a different perspective of the business and or craft of screenwriting.


A Writer’s Voice: How “Amazing” is ‘Spiderman 2′?

In this installment of A Writer’s Voice, I’ll be discussing The Amazing Spiderman 2 and action movie writing in general with George Strayton. George teaches our Action Movie Writing class here at Jacob Krueger Studio and has a tremendous background in the action movie world. He’s worked with Sam Raimi, he’s worked with Bob...


TV Writer Podcast 84 – Francis Tapon (Unseen Africa)

Author, Harvard MBA grad and world-renowned backpacker Francis Tapon is on a 4-year journey to all 54 African countries. How can he turn this into a 4-season TV series? By going a non-traditional route, of course! Click image to play video; more details are below. The TV landscape continues to divide into thousands of...