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Writing Wrap Up: You Can Do It! – Setting Writing Goals

You can do it! I’m confident that you can tackle your writing goals and manifest your dreams. I know you can, you know you can so the question is… when? Let’s decide right now. There is really no off-season for writers, it is one of the great things about this vocation, however it creates...

whitehouse george

TV Writer Podcast 080 – UK Writers James Whitehouse & Hannah George

In the UK, TV pilots get “optioned” the same way feature scripts do in the US! Learn about this and many other fascinating differences between writing in the UK, the US, and Canada, in Gray’s fun interview with UK writing team James Whitehouse and Hannah George. James Whitehouse and Hannah George started working together...

house of cards

TV Writer Podcast 074 – Beau Willimon (House of Cards)

From never being on a TV staff, to becoming the creator and showrunner of “House of Cards,” Netflix’s original foray into dramatic television and the corrupted world of politics… this week’s interview with screenwriter, painter, and playwright Beau Willimon is sure to inspire you! Beau Willimon is a screenwriter, playwright, producer and most recently,...