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Knowing your screenwriting craft is not enough. Keeping up with what is hot in the film industry is part of the job of a screenwriter. Learn what spec scripts and pitches are selling, what the hot buzz is in the movie industry, and more. You can never be too prepared for your pitch meetings, and knowing what’s has recently sold is critical to the success of your screenwriting career.


ScriptXpert Script Search Top Writers Announced!

The ScriptXpert team is pleased to announce the considerations of the first round of the Script Search service featuring The Asylum. Please join us as we congratulate the top 5 writers in each category and wish them luck! The Asylum’s optioned screenplays will be announced January 15, 2015.  Thriller 3 to 11 – Jeff...

THE HIT LIST 2014 (cover)

The 2014 Hit List Announced

The 2014 Hit List has been announced. Our congratulations to all who have been included! Q: What is The Hit List? A: The Hit List exists to identify and celebrate the best spec scripts of the year. By focusing exclusively on specs, which are written speculatively, and without pay, the Tracking Board aims to...


Writers Wrap Up: Character Development in Storytelling

Interesting Characters, Interested Viewers Great storytelling requires interesting characters, preferably those that possess some unexpected trait (Marge in Fargo, a tough cop who’s hugely pregnant, Fletcher the conductor in Whiplash, tough as nails in the classroom, tinkles on the ivories at the jazz club after hours). You know your characters are awesome, but conveying...