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Screenwriter Resources are wide-ranging and include ScriptMag archives, screenwriting contests, free downloads, film festivals, website of the week, and coaching services. Script writing resources help screenwriters not only deepen their knowledge of screenwriting but allow them access to actual tools they can use when writing their own material. Each one of the screenwriter resources listed, brings its own unique perspective of the craft of screenwriting to the screenwriter trying to break in.

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Join Our ScriptMag Writers’ Group!

Writing can often be a solitary endeavor. But finding screenwriters to connect with isn’t always easy, especially when you live nowhere near the coffeehouses of Hollywood. ScriptMag wants to offer you a way to find other writers, share your goals, learn more about the craft and business from each other, and possibly find future...


TV Writer Podcast: Lisa Alden – Intro to Power of the Pitch

Informative introduction to Lisa Alden’s “Power of the Pitch” workshops – learn how to pitch a script for an original TV pilot from somebody who has sold every one in the room! Even if you plan on writing it on spec, learning how to pitch it will exponentially develop your project and save you...


Submissions Insanity # 11: How To Win Screenwriting Competitions

If you enter the word “screenwriting” into Google, you’ll discover from its Autocomplete function that after “software,” “competitions” is the second most popular search term on the web. But how do screenwriters WIN or place highly in screenwriting competitions, my Bang2writers always ask? Well, from my time sifting through submissions for screenwriting contests, schemes...


Submissions Insanity # 10: Screenplay Submissions DOs and DON’Ts

1) DO connect. Lots of writers contact me, quoting the old “Catch 22” situation: they can’t get a producer without an agent, but they can’t get an agent without anything produced. NOPE! The savvy writer knows collaboration is the cornerstone of the industry. Getting together, making short films on smartphones, entering screenwriting contests and schemes, putting...