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Screenwriter Resources are wide-ranging and include ScriptMag archives, screenwriting contests, free downloads, film festivals, website of the week, and coaching services. Script writing resources help screenwriters not only deepen their knowledge of screenwriting but allow them access to actual tools they can use when writing their own material. Each one of the screenwriter resources listed, brings its own unique perspective of the craft of screenwriting to the screenwriter trying to break in.


Writers’ Room 101: Pitching Tips

In the last post, I gave you a general overview of what pitching in the room is like. Hopefully, the information wasn’t too overwhelming. If it was…don’t panic! I’ve got some specific pitching tips that’ll make it all make sense. Pitch Solutions, Not Problems This is an expression you’ll hear a lot, and it’s...

screencraft 2

Screenwriting Website of the Week: ScreenCraft

ScriptMag is proud to announce ScreenCraft as our latest Screenwriting Website of the Week! The ScreenCraft team share valuable information with screenwriters and even offer tips on who to follow on Twitter and what pages to “like” on Facebook to help you achieve your goals of writing. Check them out and be sure to...

Screenplay Competition Nashville Film Festival

Screenplay Competition: Frankenstein Gets a Makeover

When the Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition launched last year with twenty categories, it was practically unheard of. In NaFF Director Michael Wood‘s words, “We looked at other competitions and what they were doing. We wanted to combine the best ideas we could find and make sort of our own Frankenstein competition.“ And so...

SWC 14

Why You Should Attend The Screenwriters World Conference

The Screenwriters World Conference is a rare opportunity for any screenwriter to connect with top industry professionals, learn cutting edge writing craft techniques, learn to “pitch” their own material, and then have the opportunity to present your work to real players who can get your movie made! The three-day Screenwriters World Conference offers various...


Producer’s POV: StorySelling – The Art of Pitching

Pitching can be creative and (dare I say it?) even fun. And if you get good at it, it can empower and liberate you to do more of what you love to do:  write. Writers are storytellers. But when they have to sell their stories, they often freeze up. That’s an unfortunate and unnecessary...

danny stack

Screenwriting Website of the Week: Scriptwriting in the UK

Script Magazine is proud to recognize Danny Stack’s Screenwriting in the UK as Screenwriting Website of the Week! As a screenwriter and previous industry script reader, Danny Stack has many insights to share with writers globally, not just in the UK. The site includes blog posts, podcasts, and ongoing industry news. Danny’s been a...