Screenplay & Screenwriting Contests

Screenwriting Contests are competitions in which writers submit completed feature-length or short screenplays to be judged on different story elements. Prizes from screenwriting contests can be anything from receiving notes, all the way to taking meetings with agents and managers. While there are now many available, the best screenwriting contests usually offer a yearly monetary fellowship and or meetings with industry professionals and often lead to representation if a screenplay becomes a finalist in that competition.

adapting your script

Balls of Steel: Adapting Your Script into a Novel

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I know, I know, we’re screenwriters, but indulge me for a bit. I’m about to challenge you. Double-dog dare you, in fact. I would like you to consider adapting your script into a novel. Last year I participated in the challenge of writing a 50,000-word novel in...


Unscripted: Screenwriting Contests

QUESTION of the day: Which screenwriting contests do you think are best and why? Chime in on our Facebook page now! Speaking of contests, the deadline is fast approaching for a contest with a twist… getting your script published as a novel! Check out the Screenplay Replay Contest – deadline September 30th. Improve Your...


Unscripted: Share Your Story

Getting your scripts read in this industry is a Herculean task. Every writer attempts to pitch and plot his or her way into an executive’s door, some in more ingenious ways than others. ScriptMag wants to hear your story of your most creative, wacky attempts at getting your script read! The best will be...

50 kisses Nun

New Short Film Competition: Can We Tempt You to Give Us a Kiss?

Opportunities to get your foot on the industry ladder are few and far between. So when one comes along that offers 50 screenwriters a feature film writing credit, you’d want to know about it. Right? 50 Kisses, brainchild of those behind the London Screenwriters Festival, aims to be the world’s first crowdsourced, narrative feature...

Industry Insider Contest

Balls of Steel: From Contest to Career

This week’s Balls of Steel is coming at you early simply because its time-sensitive contents include an opportunity I truly believe you should take advantage of. Many of my network have asked me how to find a mentor after reading last week’s Balls of Steel: How Far Will You Go? I found my mentors...


The Kairos Prize

Supported by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and established by MOVIEGUIDE® in 2005, the primary purpose of the Kairos Prize is to further the influence of moral and spiritual values within the film and television industries.

Big Break, a Final Draft, Inc. Contest

Big Break™ is an annual, global screenwriting contest designed to launch the careers of aspiring writers. Big Break™ rewards screenwriters with cash, prizes, and A-list executive meetings. Winners and finalists alike have had their screenplays optioned and produced and have secured high-profile representation as well as lucrative writing deals.