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Screenwriting Contests are competitions in which writers submit completed feature-length or short screenplays to be judged on different story elements. Prizes from screenwriting contests can be anything from receiving notes, all the way to taking meetings with agents and managers. While there are now many available, the best screenwriting contests usually offer a yearly monetary fellowship and or meetings with industry professionals and often lead to representation if a screenplay becomes a finalist in that competition.


Submissions Insanity # 11: How To Win Screenwriting Competitions

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! If you enter the word “screenwriting” into Google, you’ll discover from its Autocomplete function that after “software,” “competitions” is the second most popular search term on the web. But how do screenwriters WIN or place highly in screenwriting competitions, my Bang2writers always ask? Well,...

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Short Circuit: Spotlight – Nashville Film Festival

There’s a new posse ridin’ into the short screenplay circuit and they are comin’ in guns ablazin’. With ten short screenplay categories, this is one roundup you won’t want to miss at Country Music capital’s Nashville Film Festival on April 17–26, 2014! Historic and high-profile, the NaFF has been around for 45 years, but...

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Short Circuit: Throwdown Lowdown on Screenwriting Exercises

Short screenplay job opportunities abound for a writer. If you spend any time on the many screenwriting sites out there InkTip, Mandy, The Screenwriting Goldmine, DDPro Job Announcements, etc., you’ll see a constant stream of postings from directors and producers looking for writers-for-hire. That sounds great – but what if you’ve never written on assignment before? Can you...

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Monday Morning Editor Picks: Screenwriting Contests

Screenwriters often ask me if screenwriting contests are truly a way to break into the industry. The more popular contests consist of submitting a feature-length script, but The Writers Store sponsored contests provide a much more unique way of getting noticed. I urge you to check them out! For tips on prepping your script...