How to Pitch a Screenplay

The art of pitching a screenplay requires preparation, practice and opportunity. Learn how to engage an executive with your screenplay hook, entice them further with a pitch that shows the high concept, evolution of your protagonist, and the possibility for conflict in your story. Bottom-line: when you pitch a script, you aren’t just selling the story, you’re selling yourself. Learn more about

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MOVIE PITCH PRO: The Right Research To Help You Get Your Film Made

EP Derek Purvis shares how the analytics in Movie Pitch Pro arms you with the research to prepare for a winning pitch that will help you get your film made.

AFF 2014 Pitch Finale

10 Vital Pitching Tips From Austin Film Festival

I had the pleasure of returning to the Austin Film Festival to teach the pitch prep seminar alongside the wonderful and brilliant Pamela Ribon for the second year in a row. I was also one of the pitch judges for two of the pitch competition sessions, choosing two finalists in each session to go...

Losing it over Loglines

Submissions Insanity: 6 Reasons Loglines Go Bad

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Loglines: they’re tricky lil’ b******s. Whether writing loglines on paper or pitching them out loud in person, scribes have a horrible habit of totally BLOWING IT when it comes to encapsulating their story and hooking their pitchee’s interest. Yet this is the very definition...

online pitching

ScriptMag Archives: Speed Pitching – How to Pitch at a Pitchfest

Editor’s Note: From Script Magazine archives, previously published in our print magazine. HOW TO PITCH AT A FESTIVAL A guide to speed pitching in a loud and distracting environment. A standard activity at festivals now is to offer sessions where filmmakers and screenwriters can pitch industry executives, development people and financiers. The grandfather of...


Writers’ Room 101: Pitching Tips

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! In the last post, I gave you a general overview of what pitching in the room is like. Hopefully, the information wasn’t too overwhelming. If it was…don’t panic! I’ve got some specific pitching tips that’ll make it all make sense. Pitch Solutions, Not Problems...