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Writing Groups allow like-minded writers to support one another through sharing feedback and notes. Writing Groups help writers become more confident in their work while teaching them how to give and receive constructive criticism as well as simple encouragement. Writing Groups improve a writer’s craft by reading material of other writers and listening to suggestions of others within the group. They also share a sense of community thus allowing new writers to become accustomed to sharing their work.


Writing Wrap Up: Writing Goals – Goal-ivate to Motivate

Ready, Get, GOOOOOOAL! One way of setting writing goals, is to organize them by phase: a.  Creation, b.  Refining, and c.  Marketing. I find it helpful to compare writing to other business processes, which generates a tangible image. If you compare writing to a traditional business like building a better car; creation, refining and marketing could...

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Join Our ScriptMag Writers’ Group!

Writing can often be a solitary endeavor. But finding screenwriters to connect with isn’t always easy, especially when you live nowhere near the coffeehouses of Hollywood. ScriptMag wants to offer you a way to find other writers, share your goals, learn more about the craft and business from each other, and possibly find future...


Get a FREE Pass to GATE!

Growing your network with fellow artists is essential to not only your success but also your sanity. GATE, the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, was co-founded by author Eckhart Tolle and actor Jim Carrey, with the vision of “Transforming the World by Transforming Entertainment and Media.” GATE has generously offered FREE PASSES to our...

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Screenwriter Website of the Week: Feedback Friday

This week’s highlighted screenwriter website belongs to Robert Dillon. His Feedback Friday blog hosts pages written by screenwriters looking for feedback. Each Friday, he posts the pages along with notes. Be brave. Be daring. Shoot some pages over to Robert and let the feedback shape your script to a new level! But that’s not...


Balls of Steel: Bring on the Frenzy

You have great script idea mulling inside your head. Maybe it’s been haunting you for years, and you keep saying, “I’ll get to it… after this rewrite… after the school year… after my ingrown toenail heals… after…” Shut the barn door and write that sucker. What are you waiting for?! April is Script Frenzy...