Screenwriting Book and DVD Reviews

Screenwriting Books are written about the craft of screenwriting. While there are in fact many different screenwriting books available and most contain similar information, specific books often resonate more than others depending on both the author and reader. This is what makes reading screenwriting books so beneficial to both new and veteran screenwriters. It’s beneficial to view screenwriting books as simply pieces of the overall screenwriting puzzle. There will be elements you like and some you, won’t but as is usually the case, you will learn a little more about the craft of screenwriting with each book you read.


3 Tips on How To Manage Literary Agents

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Writer/agent relationships are weird.  On one hand, we trust our livelihoods to them; on the other, we want our agents to see us as invincible rock stars, talented artists they can count on.  We look to our agents to find us work and steer...