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Screenwriting Software is similar to a word processor in that the writer does the writing and the screenwriting software does the formatting of the screenplay to industry standards. While some screenwriting software does little more than format your screenplay, more sophisticated screenwriting software allows you to create outlines, view your story via simulated index cards which are easily shuffled around, creating character bios, notes, etc.

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Craft : Screenplay Format – Do I Really Need Screenwriting Software?

Do I need screenwriting software to get my screenplay format to meet industry standards? What screenwriting products can help me with script format? Script format is the language of the screenplay. Screenwriting software makes it easier to learn this language and to communicate with other industry professionals who “speak” the same language. That fact...


Screenwriting Product Review: Final Draft 9 Screenwriting Software

Review: Final Draft 9 – The number-one selling screenwriting software in the world Pros: Final Draft 9 delivers several worthy improvements to the previous version’s core functionality, along with an elegant redesign of its story analysis tools. Cons: Technical support from Final Draft still costs $25 per phone call, although email and live-chat support...

Editors Picks

Monday Morning Editor Picks: Screenwriting Software

With most of us working day jobs while we write our scripts, it’s critical we use time-saving tools to help us achieve our goals. Screenwriting software is just that. Software can be expensive, so I want to give you a special DISCOUNT CODE, good until December 31, 2013 (excluding all sales items)! CODE: J152013 will take 20%...

Final draft 8 review

Screenwriting Product Review: Final Draft 8

By Forris Day, Jr. Over 10 years ago I purchased a copy of Final Draft 7 through the mail on a CD, and I was pretty excited the day the package came in the mail. I bought it because I worked at a public access television studio and Final Draft 7 had a program...

character writer 3.1

Screenwriting Product Review: Character Writer 3.1 Review

By Forris Day, Jr. Have you ever heard someone say “Oh boy, he’s such a character”? Sure you have. It’s usually said with a big smile or perhaps a rolling of the eyes. What is it about certain people that incites such a reaction, whether good or bad, from other people? It is indeed...