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Photo: Moritz Kosinsky / Wikipedia

Indievelopment: Making a Short Film – Which Script to Film?

By Jeff Richards A lot of writers are choosing to shoot their own short film scripts as a way to get their name out there. It’s cheap (relatively), it’s achievable (sometimes), and it’s fun (except when it isn’t.) But, if you’re anything like most screenwriters, you have ideas melting out of your brain. And...

think therefore i am

INNER DRIVES: What’s my Character Motivation? “I Think: Therefore I Am. I Think…”

by Pamela Jaye Smith MYTHWORK [Based on Pamela’s book, Inner Drives: Create Characters Using the 8 Centers of Motivation (chakras) published by Michael Wiese Prods and available at the Writers Store.] ***** Want to create characters that last forever? Learn to use the same character-building tools used by myth-makers and story-tellers throughout the ages. Want...

All hail the king.

Long Live Walter White (and ‘Breaking Bad’)

By Tom Benedek  Long live Walter White. And this guy will live forever – on DVD, cable, broadcast TV, any screen near you. The miracle of a compelling TV series, Breaking Bad, hit a bulls-eye after sailing toward its ultimate target for 5 seasons, 62 episodes. But the show wasn’t just about Walt. It...

worried cat

The Wide Margin: Tell the Cat to Beat It!

Writers today are obsessed with structure.  I’m not talking about the traditional beginning-middle-end style structure.  I’m talking about the micromanagement of page counts as typified by anal retentive “techniques” like “saving the cat.”  I’m pretty sure Paddy Chayefsky never thought in terms of a beat sheet, assigning plot points to script pages with a...

Nate Perkins as Clark, and his light in frame.

From The Lens: How I Shot An Improvised Feature Film

I’ll admit that publishing a blog about improvising a film to an audience of professional screenwriters is a little scary… please don’t hate me! This style of filmmaking by no means replaces the need to write screenplays, and should obviously be recognized as an a-typical approach to filmmaking. Truth is: There was a great...