Script Angel: Characters Under Stress

We all know that in screenwriting our inciting incident causes a crisis of some kind, whatever genre we’re working in, but do you really understand the psychology of what follows? Here’s a handy guide to the psychology of stress to help really put your characters through the ringer. What is a crisis? A crisis...

football movies

Notes from the Margins: What Football Has That Your Script Needs

Every week, football games garner the largest audience on TV by far. Playoffs – even more. Superbowl? Well over 100 million viewers every year. If 100 million people were to see any one movie, even at the (low) average of $8.50 for a ticket, that would make the film $850M (that’s fancy screenwriter math)....

Screenwriter Matthew Gayne

Final Draft, Inc. Big Break™ Success Earns Representation

For over 10 years, Final Draft, Inc.'s Big Break™ screenwriting contest has been one of the most exciting events in Hollywood for up-and-coming writers. From a group of 2011 entrants emerged screenwriters Matthew Gayne and Paul Gavin. Both recently signed with manager Michael Kuciak (Samurai MK).

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Riding the Alligator: Falling in Love … Literally

In creating a fast-paced adventure, we often have little time to flesh out our characters, let alone take the time to sculpt out a love relationship that is supposed to profoundly affect the protagonists. I remember, as a little kid, squirming in movies when the hero and his love interest go through their bonding...

My Favorite Flubs

Dr. Format has read a gazillion screenplays over the past several years, and the following are his ten favorite clichés and glaring goofs. Avoid these flubs in your screenplay or handle them in a creative way.