BREAKING IN: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Script Doom

Staton Rabin is a screenplay marketing consultant, script analyst, and “pitch coach” for screenwriters at all levels of experience. “What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?” That’s one version of the legendary Riddle of the Sphinx.  The Great Sphinx at Giza, which has the head...

football movies

Notes from the Margins: What Football Has That Your Script Needs

Every week, football games garner the largest audience on TV by far. Playoffs – even more. Superbowl? Well over 100 million viewers every year. If 100 million people were to see any one movie, even at the (low) average of $8.50 for a ticket, that would make the film $850M (that’s fancy screenwriter math)....

Screenwriter Matthew Gayne

Final Draft, Inc. Big Break™ Success Earns Representation

For over 10 years, Final Draft, Inc.'s Big Break™ screenwriting contest has been one of the most exciting events in Hollywood for up-and-coming writers. From a group of 2011 entrants emerged screenwriters Matthew Gayne and Paul Gavin. Both recently signed with manager Michael Kuciak (Samurai MK).

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Riding the Alligator: Falling in Love … Literally

In creating a fast-paced adventure, we often have little time to flesh out our characters, let alone take the time to sculpt out a love relationship that is supposed to profoundly affect the protagonists. I remember, as a little kid, squirming in movies when the hero and his love interest go through their bonding...