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Public Domain

Legally Speaking, It Depends: What Is Public Domain?

By Christopher Schiller It might surprise some people to learn that for creative works, public domain is the default state. Copyright is a relatively recent aberration (in the grand timeframe of written history) granted for limited time and purposes in only certain, predefined cases. If there isn’t a specific statutory stipulation for the subject...


Adaptations: The Yellow Brick Road to An Academy Award?

Many beloved films have come from adaptations throughout the years. This is more common in Hollywood than you may think. Some think of using adaptations for screenplays as fodder for the “lazy writer” who couldn’t come up with an idea of his or her own. Contrary to this belief, adaptations have been prevalent among...


Adapting for the Screen: Heaven and Hell

Adapting a novel to a screenplay can be heaven or hell, and it’s usually a little of each. Why is adapting a joy?  For most screenwriters, the problems of adapting a book are outweighed by the joys of working with very rich source material. Novelists put in so much work to create vivid characters,...