Column D – Story Receptors

In case you missed it, The Hollywood Reporter published an article recently (two actually) bemoaning the dismal summer box office numbers this year. So far, reports are that movie revenue is down twenty percent, and if the trend continues, the full year will come in at four or five percent below...

screenwriting readers vs. audience

Screenwriting for Readers vs. Audiences

By Ruth Atkinson, Story Editor & Script Consultant Here’s a screenwriting truth. A script is for READERS. A film is for AUDIENCES. Seems obvious, right? Clearly, you can’t have a film without a script but here’s the deal… Our engagement with a script is entirely different than our engagement with a film....

Great Stories Are Like Great Games

I’m a Los Angeles Lakers fan. As I’ve followed the team over the past few years, I’ve noticed certain elements need to be present, in a game, for it to be the most engaging and entertaining — the kind that keep me glued to the TV screen. Specifically, there are usually...

SCRIPT on SCRIPT: Sept./Oct. 2010

William Martell’s article “Blockbuster Brilliance!” from the September/October edition of Script, perfectly outlines my final, winning rebuttal to an argument I’ve been having with a writer friend mine who thinks Avatar shouldn’t be on my 2009 top ten list. (After all, we’re screenwriters, not just “average moviegoers.”)