Breaking Bad

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The Two Types of TV Stories

Erik Bork is best known for his work as a writer-producer on the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and From the Earth to the Moon – for which he won two Emmy and two Golden Globe Awards. He teaches screenwriting for UCLA Extension and National University’s MFA Program, and was rated “Cream of the...

All hail the king.

Long Live Walter White (and ‘Breaking Bad’)

By Tom Benedek  Long live Walter White. And this guy will live forever – on DVD, cable, broadcast TV, any screen near you. The miracle of a compelling TV series, Breaking Bad, hit a bulls-eye after sailing toward its ultimate target for 5 seasons, 62 episodes. But the show wasn’t just about Walt. It...

'Breaking Bad'

Reel Story: How ‘Breaking Bad’ Almost Wasn’t

By Corey Mandell Writers can so easily talk themselves out of finishing a script and come up with a myriad of reasons why continuing on would be futile. One of the more common excuses I hear from my clients is that they just heard about some other project out there that is similar to...