Breaking Bad

All hail the king.

Long Live Walter White (and ‘Breaking Bad’)

By Tom Benedek  Long live Walter White. And this guy will live forever – on DVD, cable, broadcast TV, any screen near you. The miracle of a compelling TV series, Breaking Bad, hit a bulls-eye after sailing toward its ultimate target for 5 seasons, 62 episodes. But the show wasn’t just about Walt. It...

'Breaking Bad'

Reel Story: How ‘Breaking Bad’ Almost Wasn’t

By Corey Mandell Writers can so easily talk themselves out of finishing a script and come up with a myriad of reasons why continuing on would be futile. One of the more common excuses I hear from my clients is that they just heard about some other project out there that is similar to...

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

The Two Types of TV Stories

I used to lament the fact that so many network series focus on cops, lawyers, and/or doctors. I tried pitching and developing multiple series about other kinds of workplaces. I felt, like many aspiring television writers do, that there are many different kinds of job challenges that could make for compelling television. But in...