Chad Gervich

Balls of Steel: Managing Expectations

PitchFests are packed with eager writers full of hope and big dreams. Their expectations are sky high, head in the clouds, dreaming of a world where one pitching event would change their destiny. While it’s beautiful up there, you’re better off keeping your feet and expectations on the ground.

TV Writer Podcast 017 – Steven Darancette, Animated TV

Just like there are far fewer resources for learning TV writing than for learning to write features, there are an incredibly small number of resources for learning to write for animated TV. That's why it is a great privilege to have animation writer Steven Darancette open a window for us into...


A few weeks back, Chad Gervich created quite a stir when he wrote an article for this website advising aspiring screenwriters not to use script coverage services. As a professional script analyst who—in addition to assessing scripts for producers, production companies, and screenplay contests—works for a coverage service, Ray Morton had...