Notes from the Margins: Romance Isn’t Dead…It’s Just Different

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Here’s a scary thought – 40 years from now, the story many grandparents will be telling their grandkids about how they met and fell in love will include the words “fuckbuddies,” “Tinder,” and “emoji.” Not exactly Bogey and Bacall, is it? And I believe...

Mission of the Moment

Back to the Chalkboard: The Mission of the Moment

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Have you ever found yourself in a singular moment where you felt hyper-driven to achieve a very specific goal? I’m sure you have, and I bet you can think of something better than that time your morning was placed in serious jeopardy when your...


Actress Yvette Yates and the Depth of Character

Yvette Yates (In the Blood, Without Men) real life depth of character reveals a new way of viewing how actors and actresses in the New Millennium are sophisticated, immensely talented and exceptionally well-trained. According to grocery store fanzines, it would seem most people are only interested in the dirty laundry of actors/actresses. You know…...