Story Talk: Plot=Character=Story—The Magick Formula™

Recently, I was teaching a workshop on premise line development. In that class I defined the terms “character,” “plot,” and “story” (as I use them; a bit differently than many). The resulting chaos this caused among the writer-students was startling.  Okay, I have developed my own interpretation of these classical terms...


Meet the Reader: The (Real) Rules of Screenwriting

Trying to make sense of all of the dos and don’ts of scriptwriting can be very confusing, especially when so many of them seem to be contradictory. Mastering all of the rules can often seem like an impossible task and can cause many people to become discouraged and even consider giving...

Riding the Alligator: Falling in Love … Literally

In creating a fast-paced adventure, we often have little time to flesh out our characters, let alone take the time to sculpt out a love relationship that is supposed to profoundly affect the protagonists. I remember, as a little kid, squirming in movies when the hero and his love interest go...

Write Your Screenplay: The Passover Question

At Passover Seder, the youngest child in attendance has the responsibility of asking pertinent questions about the holiday. Jacob Krueger suggests that, when it comes to your script, asking and answering just one question can help you avoid cliché.