Notes from the Margins: A Writer’s Greatest Enemy

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Much like an innocent, wide-eyed gazelle prancing along the African plains, the amateur writer has many natural enemies lurking, waiting to pounce.  But I bet you don’t know what their greatest natural enemy is. It’s not the cold-hearted agent, not the...

Breaking & Entering: Call to Action

Every day we are bombarded with advertising, emails, and social media blasts that implore, beg and urge us to sign up, speak out, protest, donate, watch, like, fan, follow, share and buy, buy, buy. Marketers claim that it takes seven interactions to get someone to take action. As a signer of...

Meet the Reader: Breaking Big

I recently finished reading for the Big Break™ screenwriting contest, something that I do every year. Over the course of this months-long assignment, I evaluated approximately 300 scripts, which gave me the opportunity to see what’s going on out there in spec-script land.