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Behind the Lines with DR: Die Hard Doug Meets Don Simpson

Before Jerry Bruckheimer became the stand-alone superstar brand he is today, he was partnered in another superstar brand known as Simpson-Bruckheimer Films. The late Don Simpson and Jerry go way back. The former roommates came up through the trenches together and eventually produced a crazy string of culture-changing hits—from Flashdance to Top Gun to...

Sidney Lumet

Behind the Lines with DR: Beating the Odds

I was in a particularly delicate spot. You know that place. Low batteries. On the outside looking in. It felt as if I was in a permanent state of only dreaming about a career in movies. Seriously. The odds were against me. Of the fifteen undergrads who were slogging alongside me through film school,...

getting paid to write

Behind the Lines with DR: Getting Paid to Write

The conversation is a common one. Agent and writer/client. The subject concerns the delivery of a script. “The producer has some notes,” said the writer. “You should do the notes before you deliver,” said the agent. “But I think his notes are really the studio’s notes.” “You think the producer slipped the script?” “Pretty...