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The Wide Margin: Summertime Challenge

With June now safely behind us, the 2013-2014 school year is officially over.  It’s summertime! When I was younger that meant 75 days of uninterrupted fun.  That’s just how we roll in the United States: you are either in-school learnin’ or you are out-of-school playin’. We carry those impressions into adulthood. If you want...

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Behind the Lines with DR: Film School

I’d utterly failed at my first attempt at getting in to the famed USC film school. Upon reflection, it was a horrible application—all kiss ass, full of ignorant naiveté, and grossly immature. Had I been in charge of admittance, I sure as hell wouldn’t have accepted me. Foolishly, though, the university later accepted me...


Story Talk: An Interview with Author and Producer Barbara Freedman Doyle

Barbara Freedman Doyle’s Make Your Movie: What You Need to Know About the Business and Politics of Filmmaking is anything but another run-of-the-mill, how-to book on breaking into the film business. This is a blunt, real, smack-you-upside-the-head resource that is essential reading for anyone smitten with notions of a future working in the entertainment...

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Just Film School

Should you attend film school? Know the benefits of attending film school, but also see how the film business is changing.