Creating a Great Reading Experience - Visualize!

Breaking & Entering: The Audience Is Listening

A producer who’s sold to all the majors, Barri Evins created Big Ideas to give aspiring screenwriters what it takes to break into the business by sharing methods she uses with professional writers. Remember the thrill of sitting in a darkened movie theatre, the film about to start, and being surrounded...

Ask the Expert: The Do’s and Don’ts of Screenwriting

Question: What are the industry standard do’s and don’ts of screenwriting? As a producer, script consultant, and former VP Development for production companies at Sony, Universal and Disney — I have read thousands of scripts over the years and have had to make the distinction between those that exhibit a high...


Meet the Reader: The (Real) Rules of Screenwriting

Trying to make sense of all of the dos and don’ts of scriptwriting can be very confusing, especially when so many of them seem to be contradictory. Mastering all of the rules can often seem like an impossible task and can cause many people to become discouraged and even consider giving...

Meet the Reader: Apples and Oranges

Readers aren't trying to steal your creativity. It's just that if you make the process of reading your script far too arduous and time-consuming, then all you are doing is giving development people — all of whom are always pressed for time and always have a million other scripts to read...

Meet the Reader: What Not to Write

The job of the screenwriter is to conceive an interesting and entertaining story, devise a workable dramatic structure for it, and then provide the action and dialogue required to tell that tale. This is a lot for a writer to do, but is it ALL the writer should do?

My Favorite Flubs

Dr. Format has read a gazillion screenplays over the past several years, and the following are his ten favorite clichés and glaring goofs. Avoid these flubs in your screenplay or handle them in a creative way.