Great American Pitchfest

Balls of Steel: Pitching Tips

Pitching anxiety. We all get it. I bet even the pros get a teeny knot in their stomach. Honestly, I hope I never lose the barb that snags at my insides. It keeps me on my toes. This weekend, I’m heading to the Great American Pitchfest(GAPF) in Burbank to not only...

Balls of Steel: Below Zero Hits Austin

Writer’s block. We have all suffered from it. But to cure hers, writer and producer Signe Olynyk didn’t go for a run, take a long walk in the woods, or declare a writing sprint on Twitter. She locked herself in a remote slaughterhouse for five days and wrote a script.

Balls of Steel: Managing Expectations

PitchFests are packed with eager writers full of hope and big dreams. Their expectations are sky high, head in the clouds, dreaming of a world where one pitching event would change their destiny. While it’s beautiful up there, you’re better off keeping your feet and expectations on the ground.

Balls of Steel: First Impressions

Butterflies swirl in your stomach. Your palms sweat. Despite an overwhelming sense of anxiety, the emotion churning is hope. Hope they like you. Hope they want to build a relationship with you. Hope you’ll hit a home run. First date? Nope. We're referring to pitching. But whether a date or...