Horror Movies Sell

Writer’s Edge: Why Horror Movies Sell

The horror genre has been with us since the advent of silent films. There seems to be a strong, unexplainable and innate reason people want to be frightened. The reasons why horror films are so popular and successful at the box office are many. From the strictly budgetary point of view, horror movies are...


Fragments #3: Continuity and the Universal Monsters, Part One

For this multi-part series within a series, we’re going to look at three examples of film continuity through the lens of generational examples: The Universal Monsters of the 1930s and 40s, the James Bond series of the 1960s through today, and lastly the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe.  When I talk about continuity here, I’m...

The Wide Margin: Less is More

The Wide Margin: When Less is More

On the nineteenth day of the eleventh month of the year four score and seven after the founding the Nation, Abraham Lincoln delivered his über-nano Gettysburg Address.  Just how short was this speech?  272 total words arranged in only 10 sentences.  That is to say, 143 different words.  Just how few words is that?...


Are Your First 10 Pages Frighteningly Good?

By Danny Manus There is nothing selling hotter than horror right now. And not just because it’s Halloween! It’s because with the recent major successes of films like The Conjuring, Mama, Warm Bodies, Insidious 2, Carrie, The Purge and World War Z adding to the huge 2012 horror haul of Paranormal Activity 4, The...


TV Writer Podcast 057 – Horror Icon Adam Green (Hatchet, Holliston)

His horror films have broken records, and his his current FearNet series was renewed almost immediately out of the gate. This week we meet hard-working producer-writer-actor-director-showrunner Adam Green! After graduating from Hofstra University in New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in Television and Film Production, Adam Green made his first feature “Coffee...

Screenwriter Matthew Gayne

Final Draft, Inc. Big Break™ Success Earns Representation

For over 10 years, Final Draft, Inc.'s Big Break™ screenwriting contest has been one of the most exciting events in Hollywood for up-and-coming writers. From a group of 2011 entrants emerged screenwriters Matthew Gayne and Paul Gavin. Both recently signed with manager Michael Kuciak (Samurai MK).