Behind the Lines with DR: Bittersweet Career Choices

I’d just finished my first novel. I had over one hundred thousand words, typed, proofed, and printed on some five hundred pages of loose leaf paper. It would either prove to be a career changer. Or a doorstop. The book was called Dark Horse. I had it messengered over to my movie agent for...

PRIMETIME: Am I Too Old To Become a Screenwriter?

If screenwriting is not a "calling," if it's just something you've thought about trying when you have some spare time… then I say, "don't bother." Because you will be trampled by hordes of other screenwriters—of all ages—who want it more badly, and are willing to do more to get it, than you do.

Jewerl Ross

Script Q&A: Jewerl Ross of Silent R Management

Jewerl Ross grew up in Los Angeles and left Southern California to study political philosophy at Yale. After graduating in 1997, he returned to L.A. to work in entry-level positions at ICM and Paradigm before joining APA as an agent in early 1999. Three years later, after making a name for himself selling spec...

Geoff Watson

Geoff Watson Finds Gold in Kids’ Adventure Book

Is there a secret formula to turning metal into gold? Screenwriter Geoff Watson may have found the solution, or a way to turn paper into gold at least, with his new book geared for middle-graders. Due out in late October, Edison’s Gold follows the story of Thomas Edison’s great-great-great grandson and his quest to...