Get A New Story: What’s Your Story About Not Writing?

The title of this column is “Get A New Story” for a reason. When I work with writers on rebooting their writing habits, it doesn’t take long for me to pick out their “story” about why they’re not writing. As a writing coach, it’s endlessly fascinating to hear the variations on the theme. Some...


Get A New Story: Don’t Wait for Writing Inspiration

William Faulkner said, “I only write when I am inspired. Fortunately I am inspired at 9 o’clock every morning.” So many writers wait to be inspired before sitting down to write. They believe that they must be struck with a brilliant idea, like a bolt of lightning from the sky, before it’s time to...

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Alligator Tales: Sometimes I Have No Idea

My bird guy mentioned the time he found himself in an inspired frenzy, writing a play that eventually got produced. He wrote the first act in a three-hour gusher. After lunch? My bird guy lifted his hands like fluttering wings, “empty." The flow had gone. It took him another year to write the...

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Alligator Tales: Weird Feelings About “Life Scripts”

I remember driving to work and listening to a PBS radio item about an Orphans and Foundlings home in England where they’d discovered letters a hundred years old or more, written by women when they abandoned their children on the doorstep. I thought: What does a woman say to a child at that...


Updated: Kevin Smith on Writers

Filmmaker Kevin Smith (Red State) dropped some heavy words of wisdom about writers today via Twitter. His sermon, for lack of a better word, is collected here in its entirety for all to read.