Kate Winslet

Podcast: Screenwriter Scott Z. Burns on Contagion

As producer of the Oscar®-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth and writer-director of the acclaimed HBO drama Pu-239, Burns has a reputation for deftly handling tales of panic, both personal and widespread. It's a testament to those skills that Contagion, opening September 9, feels fresh, though we've been scared by germs before....

Jessica Alba in Into the Blue

Jessica Alba: Screenwriters Don’t Need You, Either

Dear Jessica Alba: We haven't met, but I'm a screenwriter. I'm one of those pale, intelligent-looking people you occasionally notice on the set, looking upset every time you put your own spin on a line of dialogue. Sorry if I distract you when I'm on the set, but if strangers didn't...

DVD Review: The Reader

Don’t let the decidedly “literary” title (i.e. “non-cinematic”) fool you: The Reader is an exquisitely imagistic film experience. Directed by Stephen Daldry from a screenplay by David Hare, The Reader synthesizes gritty realism and tenebrous tenderness in translating the internationally renowned book by Bernhard Schlink to celluloid.