Producer’s POV: StorySelling – The Art of Pitching

Pitching can be creative and (dare I say it?) even fun. And if you get good at it, it can empower and liberate you to do more of what you love to do:  write. Writers are storytellers. But when they have to sell their stories, they often freeze up. That’s an unfortunate and unnecessary...


3 Tips on How To Manage Literary Agents

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Writer/agent relationships are weird.  On one hand, we trust our livelihoods to them; on the other, we want our agents to see us as invincible rock stars, talented artists they can count on.  We look to our agents to find us work and steer...

Lobsters on Board

Donna ON PR: Caught in a Lobster Trap – Breakout Manifesto

Across the street from my home (office) is a lobsterman. Yes, lobsterman… he catches lobsters and is darn good at what he does. Despite there being four feet of snow in our collective backyards, the past three days I’ve watched as he’s unloaded brand new lobster traps for the upcoming lobster season. Now, in...