Woody and Buzz and Your Writing

Breaking & Entering: Pretend You’re Pixar

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! If you pretend you’re Pixar, you’re bound to bump up your screenwriting to the next level. I’m not insisting you change your desk lamp to a Luxo, although they are pretty nifty. I believe examining Pixar’s philosophy and practices can be...

Are You Planning Your Script?

If you’ve ever read one of the popular books on screenwriting, there’s a good chance you’re well on your way to planning your script. Depending on which book you’ve read, you’ve probably got a logline, an outline, pages and pages of character bios, half a trillion note cards thumb-tacked to your...

BALLS OF STEEL: Put Up or Shut Up

Patience is paramount when it comes to both getting a project produced and learning your writing partner’s habits. But patience can also be the killer of a project – a slow infectious cancer that will suck the energy out of your work and your soul.