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Writing Wrap Up: You Can Do It! – Setting Writing Goals

You can do it! I’m confident that you can tackle your writing goals and manifest your dreams. I know you can, you know you can so the question is… when? Let’s decide right now. There is really no off-season for writers, it is one of the great things about this vocation, however it creates...

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Writing Wrap Up: Movie Ticket Prices, First 5 Pages

Industry Incidentals – Film Industry News About Movie Ticket Prices What would you pay for a premium movie ticket? And what would you expect to receive? Why do we care? Here’s why. At the end of last year Tokyo, Japan, topped the charts for the most expensive trip to the cinema, at $43 for...

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Writing Wrap Up: Look at Me Now! – Using Key Art

Hi there! Welcome to the maiden launch of the Writing Wrap Up. I’m Paula Landry, MBA, business & media consultant, and I’m excited to work with Script Magazine. Wrapping something means completing or packaging – presenting your work to the marketplace. To sell your screenplay, it must be wrapped up. As writers, we should constantly...