Peter Hanson

Beyond the Page: Funny Changes Everything

If you ask a comedian what it’s like to perform onstage, don’t expect a lighthearted response. “Doing standup is like walking on a tightrope over a tank filled with sharks while the audience is hacking at the tightrope with machetes,” notes J.D. Shapiro, a regular at venues including world-famous L.A. club...

Ten Tips for Talking to Hollywood

Practicing savvy techniques can help ensure you’re taken seriously by the film industry—even before you’re a working professional. INT. BIG-TIME PRODUCTION COMPANY — DAY It’s 9:30 on Monday morning, and the place is hectic. Phones are ringing, executives are discussing scripts they read over the weekend, and everyone’s buzzing about the...

Script - Nov/Dec 2010

What’s New in the Nov/Dec Issue of Script

Script picks the The Top-10 Scriptwriters of the Decade! Did your favorite scribe make the cut? Also: Paul Haggis talks about The Next Three Days; Pamela Gray writes about her latest screenplay, Conviction; Danny Boyle & Simon Beaufoy discuss 127 Hours; Brent Simons & Alan Schoolcraft talk Megamind; and much more!