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The Wide Margin: Summertime Challenge

With June now safely behind us, the 2013-2014 school year is officially over.  It’s summertime! When I was younger that meant 75 days of uninterrupted fun.  That’s just how we roll in the United States: you are either in-school learnin’ or you are out-of-school playin’. We carry those impressions into adulthood....

The Wide Margin: Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare!

So, it turns out that no one knows exactly what day William Shakespeare was born.  We know it was near the end of April 1564.  Scholars believe he was born on the 23rd since he was baptized on the 26th.  But since 1582 lost 10 days when we adopted our present...

New Highs and New Lows for Originality

by Tom Benedek Writing original features is a tough game. The bar keeps getting higher and higher. In fact, it may be so high that low clouds tend to obscure it from view for many — including many of the best screenwriters in the world. Here’s the funny, bad news: The...

Story Maps by Daniel Calvisi Book Review

Story Analyst Dan Calvisi used to only reveal the inner workings of his method to his students and script consulting clients now but he’s sharing his template in his new eBook: Story Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay, available as a download purchase directly off his on his Act Four...

Meet the Reader: More on ‘Lies’

In the last installment of Meet the Reader, Ray Morton took screenwriters to task for the lies they tell themselves. In the current installment, he responds to readers' comments and tackles yet more lies.
Script - Nov/Dec 2010

What’s New in the Nov/Dec Issue of Script

Script picks the The Top-10 Scriptwriters of the Decade! Did your favorite scribe make the cut? Also: Paul Haggis talks about The Next Three Days; Pamela Gray writes about her latest screenplay, Conviction; Danny Boyle & Simon Beaufoy discuss 127 Hours; Brent Simons & Alan Schoolcraft talk Megamind; and much more!