Producer’s POV: StorySelling – The Art of Pitching

Pitching can be creative and (dare I say it?) even fun. And if you get good at it, it can empower and liberate you to do more of what you love to do:  write. Writers are storytellers. But when they have to sell their stories, they often freeze up. That’s an unfortunate and unnecessary...

screenwriting readers vs. audience

Screenwriting for Readers vs. Audiences

By Ruth Atkinson, Story Editor & Script Consultant Here’s a screenwriting truth. A script is for READERS. A film is for AUDIENCES. Seems obvious, right? Clearly, you can’t have a film without a script but here’s the deal… Our engagement with a script is entirely different than our engagement with a film. Why? Because a...


Story Talk: Playwrights Have It Better Than Screenwriters—or Do They?

We’ve all heard the laments: why are playwrights more respected than screenwriters; why do playwrights retain copyright and screenwriters don’t; why do screenwriters get treated like dirt  and playwrights like gods; why can’t you change a single word of a playwright’s work, but it’s okay to completely rewrite a screenwriter’s script? The fact is,...


Story Talk: The Greatest Screenwriting Secret You Will Ever Learn

When I first began writing in the screen trade, in what now feels like 200 B.C., I thought my job was pretty much done after I wrote and finalized my submission draft. Screenplay edited, polished, vetted by my trusted supporters, and ready for the cold, hard world of the screenplay spec market. Well, it...

Story Maps by Daniel Calvisi Book Review

Story Analyst Dan Calvisi used to only reveal the inner workings of his method to his students and script consulting clients now but he’s sharing his template in his new eBook: Story Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay, available as a download purchase directly off his on his Act Four Screenplays website.


A few weeks back, Chad Gervich created quite a stir when he wrote an article for this website advising aspiring screenwriters not to use script coverage services. As a professional script analyst who—in addition to assessing scripts for producers, production companies, and screenplay contests—works for a coverage service, Ray Morton had some strong reactions...