Writers Groups: The Coronet Writers Lab

The Coronet Writers Lab is as notable for its intimacy and focused attention as it is for the successes of its members. As an actor, produced playwright and screenwriter, and educator, moderator T. Jay O'Brien could simply focus on building his own resume. Fortunately, his passion for bolstering new talent, complemented...

Balls of Steel: Rewrite from the Gut

To really push this script up the hill, we needed a stronger lead. So today, I sat down with colored index cards and spread them around my gigantic dining room table. No one is allowed to eat until I’m done. Social services will be here any minute, I’m sure.

Write Your Screenplay: The Passover Question

At Passover Seder, the youngest child in attendance has the responsibility of asking pertinent questions about the holiday. Jacob Krueger suggests that, when it comes to your script, asking and answering just one question can help you avoid cliché.