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Breaking In: Abraham Lincoln, Verbosity Hunter

Abraham Lincoln was a great writer and public speaker– and a master of brevity.  His entire Gettysburg Address was just 272 words.  A tall man, he knew just how long or short anything should be.  Once, while riding in a stagecoach, Abraham Lincoln was asked by one of his fellow passengers how long a man’s...


Submissions Insanity # 6: Writing Rules – The Least You Can Do

Following on from last month’s post about swearing, I thought I’d bring up yet more dirty words: Spelling, grammar and punctuation. Yes, yes, booooooooring: Fingers in ears, LA LA LA LA, talk to the hand, etc. Finished? Right. Let’s get down to business. It comes down to this: You’re a writer. You should be able...


Submissions Insanity #4: Screenwriting Contests

By Lucy V. Hay So last month I was reading screenplay submissions for the Actors’ Read Through at London Screenwriters’ Festival in October. Delegates were asked to submit a short excerpt of their script for actors to read at the event, so writers might hear how their words on the page actually sound. I...