screenwriters world conference

Why You Should Attend The Screenwriters World Conference

The Screenwriters World Conference is a rare opportunity for any screenwriter to connect with top industry professionals, learn cutting edge writing craft techniques, learn to “pitch” their own material, and then have the opportunity to present your work to real players who can get your movie made! The three-day Screenwriters World...

breaking into the screenwriting industry

Nancy Nigrosh on Breaking Into the Screenwriting Industry

Screenwriters World Conference brings together a wide variety of executives and teachers to give screenwriters a unique perspective on the industry. Meet Nancy Nigrosh, instructor at UCLA Extension Writers’ Program. Nancy has an MFA in Film & TV (Screenwriting) from UCLA, and an MA in Education from Antioch University. She serves as a Judge...

screenwriting readers vs. audience

Screenwriting for Readers vs. Audiences

By Ruth Atkinson, Story Editor & Script Consultant Here’s a screenwriting truth. A script is for READERS. A film is for AUDIENCES. Seems obvious, right? Clearly, you can’t have a film without a script but here’s the deal… Our engagement with a script is entirely different than our engagement with a film....

Interview with Screenwriter Rob Edwards

In the following interview with screenwriter Rob Edwards, writers of all levels will certainly be inspired. It’s easy asking questions about the art/science of scriptwriting. But, it’s Rob’s answers that reveal the elements of storytelling.