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Using Conflict to Form Character

Character emerges when a clear want comes up against conflict, which is when we begin to see what the character is made of, what the character values and hopes for, even basics of everyday thinking and personality.

Monday Morning Editor Picks: Screenwriting Classes & Webinars

Learning to improve your craft and your understanding of the filmmaking industry is essential to your success. Screenwriters University and The Writers Store bring you quality screenwriting classes, both online and in-person, to improve your odds of success. Check out these highlighted classes and also the full list of February classes...

Writer’s Edge: Costly Mistakes Writers Make

By Steve Kaire This is a serious error I believe many new screenwriters are making. It’s holding back their success and most of them don’t even realize it. The advent of the Internet has made research convenient and accessible to the masses. Social media is now a phenomenon that has blossomed...