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script consultant

Meet the Reader: Should You Use a Script Consultant?

I’ve noticed that there’s been a spate of articles on the webnets lately asking the question “Should you use a script consultant?” Since I am a script consultant, I thought I would throw my two cents into the discussion. First of all, I don’t think you “should” do anything – an...

Notes From The Margins: Meet Danny Manus… Again

In 2004, Script Magazine published my first article on screenwriting in its hard copy magazine. It was called “The Pass Pile: 10 Reasons I Passed on Your Script.” It was a big moment for me. I had studied journalism in college before switching over to Film/TV, and I always wanted to...

Screenwriting Website of the Week: Just Effing Entertain Me

This week’s Screenwriting Website of the Week celebrates Julie Gray’s Just Effing Entertain Me. Julie has been a lecturer and consultant for the screenwriting community for many years, speaking at all the top conferences. Her site has full of screenwriting information to help you improve your craft and understanding of the...

Meet the Reader: Critical Thinking

In addition to covering screenplays for producers and production companies, I also assess scripts for individual writers, both professional and aspiring. Based on the feedback I receive from my clients, most of the folks I work for seem to feel my critiques are pretty fair, but on occasion, some complain my...

Screenwriter Website of the Week: Script Doctor Eric

This week’s Screenwriter Website of the Week is Script Doctor Eric. Eric is a script reader and consultant who shares interviews with industry professionals, supports indie filmmakers’ crowdfunding campaigns, and also blogs, at least every Sunday. Script Doctor Eric is very active on Twitter, so be sure to follow him, @scriptdreric.

Good Writers, Bad Rewrites

Why do bad rewrites happen to good screenwriters? Learn the four most common reasons why your newest draft can end up being worse than the first, and make sure this doesn't happen to you!