Script Gods Must Die: The Playwright as Screenwriter

“I was so mad at my agent. I had polished and polished and polished… and he referred to it as a draft. I wrote him a bitter letter: ‘How can you call this a draft? I don’t do drafts.”–Cynthia Ozick “Movie makers buy plays because it makes them feel smart. Acquiring a play that...

Alabama Theater Stage 1024

Short Circuit: Spotlight – Sidewalk Film Festival

By Dan Goforth Occasionally, I try to spotlight individual film festivals to give you a flavor of what they’re like. One of my favorite events is the Sidewalk Film Festival, named one of the “Top 25 coolest film festivals” by Movie Maker magazine. Time called it one of the “Top ten festivals for the...


Story Talk: Plot=Character=Story—The Magick Formula™

Recently, I was teaching a workshop on premise line development. In that class I defined the terms “character,” “plot,” and “story” (as I use them; a bit differently than many). The resulting chaos this caused among the writer-students was startling.  Okay, I have developed my own interpretation of these classical terms d’art, and this...