Smart Girls Productions Partners With ScriptXpert

Smart Girls Productions has helped aspiring screenwriters gain notice in the industry, from pitch to prodco. In a new endeavor for the company, Smart Girls is embarking on a partnership with Final Draft, Inc.'s ScriptXpert service in the hopes of introducing more promising scriptwriters to major industry players.


A few weeks back, Chad Gervich created quite a stir when he wrote an article for this website advising aspiring screenwriters not to use script coverage services. As a professional script analyst who—in addition to assessing scripts for producers, production companies, and screenplay contests—works for a coverage service, Ray Morton had...

The Spellbound Screenwriter

School has started. Class, get out your notebooks and pencils. If you want to know the simplest and easiest thing you can do RIGHT NOW to prevent your great script from ending up on the “reject” pile when you send it out into the marketplace, this article is for you.