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Podcast: Writer-Director Tate Taylor on The Help

Through his childhood friendship with author Kathryn Stockett, Tate Taylor saw The Help long before the rest of the world made it a New York Times best-seller. He didn't know then that the film he imagined as a grassroots indie would become a major release, backed by the muscle of Disney...

Spec Sale: A Coupla Bastards Revive the Spec Market

In an impressive 36 hours, a new R-rated spec comedy, Bastards, by screenwriter Justin Malen, sold to Paramount for mid-six figures on June 14. Reviving the somewhat dismal spec market, this sale has everyone buzzing about the power of the spec. Script sat down with screenwriter Justin Malen to find out...

Edgar Michael Bravo on the set of Mother's Red Dress.

Podcast: Edgar Michael Bravo Talks MOTHER’S RED DRESS

It’s hard out there for an indie filmmaker. Especially if you’re producing psychological thrillers about lost causes. Writer/director Edgar Michael Bravo didn't let that stop him. His latest film, Mother’s Red Dress, is the story of a 19-year-old boy suffering from domestic abuse.
Gwyneth Paltrow stars in Country Strong

Shana Feste Breaks Out with Country Strong

A common theme in country music is to keep on keeping on, no matter what happens. Writer/director Shana Feste knows that old adage all too well. She was the little filmmaker with the powerful voice that went from grad school to directing feature films in the blink of an eye...

BREAKING IN: Breaking the Rules

There are many rules about how to sell your script. But rules are made to be broken. Sometimes. Here are our best tips on which rules you can break-- and which ones you break at your peril.