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85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Craft: How To Write To Attract A Movie Star

Chances are, if you want to sell your screenplay to a major film producer, you’re going to have to write the kind of role that a movie star is dying to play. I accomplished this feat almost by accident when I chose Napoleon Bonaparte as the hero for my film project, Betsy and the...

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Breaking In: Are Screenwriters “Born This Way”?

I’ve evaluated thousands of scripts for writers, film producers, and contests over the years.  Occasionally, after reading a screenplay, I say to myself, “Now, there’s a born screenwriter.”  The writer may be a little “green.” He might make some rookie mistakes, such as not knowing how to show the passage of time. He might...

The Wizard of Oz (Photo: MGM)

Dream, Vision, or Fantasy?

In any given year, I read so many screenplays as a professional “reader” that you could pave the Yellow Brick Road with them and still have enough left over to start a recycling program in the Emerald City. Okay, so most of the scripts I read are in digital form and aren’t on paper....